2012 IN REVIEW – AUGUST: One of the coolest things about life is balance.  Too much of anything is ultimately never optimum. Good needs bad.  Right needs wrong.  Pretty objective, wouldn’t you say so too?  But, sometimes we all have to be reminded of this natural law when we take things too personal – when there is nothing personal about what is happening at all. I went into our walk-out basement storage area one day to survey a very cool storage shelving project I had been postponed engaging due to not having the time.  This was during a very busy period in August. I knew that I would likely not be able to start the shelves right then, I just wished to study and imagineer the situation.  To my surprise, I found water on the floor under the hot water tank. It was captured by the floor drain, so there wasn’t a mess to speak of.  However, the amount of water didn’t seem “right”.  Good thing I didn’t ignore it. We ended up needing a new hot water heater and having it professionally installed. Not a good or bad thing.  Just what it do. The old one died, which could have been a very dangerous situation. Bad situation averted.