2012 IN REVIEW – MAY: I have come to a conclusion – another one.  A conclusion that life is about redemption, as much as it is about triumph. She was an angry and largely self-absorbed child, if you looked at her life on the surface and by all accounts from those who knew her growing up.  The consequences of her alleged actions over the years seemed to validate all of the negatives and few positives.  She seemed not to be able to “catch a break”, even if she had a deep sea fishing net.  Then, one day, I saw her stand up and face the challenges before her in life with different and more positive vigor than I’d ever seen before.  The ultimate lesson I learned from her seems to have turned out to be that we are always a work in progress … or never count anyone out in the journey we call life.  She became a hero to her family, a valued asset to her community and was loved by everyone who knew her.  And, most importantly she served with a pure heart and made a positive difference in the lives of many others.  She left us in May.  We love and miss our mom.  But, you know what? She fought all the way and did everything in her power to prepare us for this journey without her.  That’s love.

(photo: Fire and favorite chair.)