2012 IN REVIEW – SEPTEMBER: Lots of times when you meet someone whom you think a lot of for their work, they do not measure up to the same level as a person – in terms of manners and common courtesy, etc.  In my job, I come in contact with many notable jazz artists and public figures.  In the first year of working at the American Jazz Museum, I think I have interacted with more A-list celebrity types than I had in all of the preceding years to this date.  Anyway, we had Chick Corea & Gary Burton with the Harlem String Quartet kick off the annual Jammin’ at the Gem performance series 2012-2013 season in September. I am a composer and I wrote Chick Corea a letter in 1980.  I had just finished the Berklee course for arranging and composing and was asking how to publish my work, etc.  Basic career advice.  He actually wrote me back and remembered my name when I introduced myself to him back stage after his show.  He said, “You are a composer and saxophone player, right?”  Blew me away… needless to say the house was packed to capacity and their performance was pure genius on many levels.