An excerpt from the Bobby Watson article/interview with Michael Shults in Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors’ latest JAM.

A “must read” for anyone who is serious about this music and wants to get some real truths.  Thanks for sharing, Bobby.

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On the Music Business

 "I had done three records for Columbia, three records 

for Blue Note, and I figured where are you going to go 

from there? As my grandmother said, ‘All that glitters 

isn’t gold.’ I’ve been to those places, and in certain ways it 

was a disappointment. They didn’t support me in the way 

that I thought they should. Everybody has a bucket-list. 

I thought when I got with those record labels, I would be 

able to clear out my bucket-list, and some of them didn’t 


 The whole thing about the business is, can you sign 

your own check? Elvis couldn’t sign his own check. He was 

a superstar but he didn’t own himself. If you look at all my 

records, the one thing I always insisted on was that I was 

producer. I didn’t get any extra money for it, but 

it says in print ‘produced by Bobby Watson.’ 

 This music is so deep, man. It’s not about 

the Downbeat covers. It’s not about the jazz poll. 

I was there, I saw it, I was on the mountaintop, 

but it doesn’t mean anything. If you’re going to 

go that way, you’re going to give up part of your 

soul, and part of your independence.“

~ Bobby Watson (from DECEMBER 2013 + JANUARY 2014 JAM)

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