Chris Burnett Trio (CbT)

[Photography by Stephen Butler]

In The Blue Room – I was invited by the Director of Development at the American Jazz Museum to play music for the PEER Celebration Luncheon on June 10th.  

I was able to hire a young musician to play bass, whom I have known since joining the Kansas City Youth Jazz program faculty in 2008.  He just graduated from high school and is going to the University of North Texas, not for music, but to major in Elementary Education.

And, I was able to work with my favorite pianist among the current crop of young players on the Kansas City scene. We simply played standard tunes from the Real Book (6th edition) – lots of those tunes I have come to like over the years with pretty melodies.

It was also cool because many of the AJM Staff didn’t realize I was a musician, since I am Marketing Manager there.

Greg Carroll, the CEO of the American Jazz Museum also sat in on piano (he’s a vibraphonist by trade).

It was fun playing tunes and a good hang on historic 18th & Vine for me and T on a Sunday afternoon. I played my Selmer Series III Alto Saxophone with the Ralph Morgan mouthpiece and also played T’s Miyazawa Flute.  She said I sounded good on both.

Peace, Cb