Dear Friends!

Here is an update.  Don’t faint.  I am actually going into the studio to release my sophomore quartet CD.  In 1999 (Time Flies) I released my first commercial recording and have been building the infrastructure to support a second studio recording with my quartet.  I am super excited because Terri will be playing some flute lines on a couple of the pieces too. Sweet. It looks like 2014 is finally the year for me to resume recording. Fifteen years later – almost to the month, time flies …

Here is the most recent info about one of the works we will record:

“Firebird” will be recorded in June and will be released worldwide on my upcoming, and yet untitled, recording on the Artists Recording Collective (ARC) label. This is a MIDI mock-up of the orchestration of this work. Introduction. Melody. Alto Saxophone improvisation chorus 1. Alto Saxophone improvisation chorus 2 with backgrounds. More sections to follow … “Firebird” (v5.2) has subtle edits to the music and mixing of the audio file. Thanks for your interest in following my process. After learning the craft of writing and arranging music, my flow is somewhat like transcribing into music what I am hearing in my mind. 

Peace, Cb