Pictures taken while downtown after the Black House Collective rehearsal.

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Kansas City has cool buildings in the heart of downtown.  The part that everybody takes pictures of for magazines and most anything depicting Kansas City. But, I am frankly surprised at the number of vacancies I have always seen in this part of downtown since our coming back home to the metro to live.  Some gorgeous spaces are empty.  

I go downtown pretty regularly these days and enjoy it most times. I work at the American Jazz Museum, which is downtown in the historic 18th & Vine District.  There are vacant buildings near us too, but most of them are facade remnants from the original neighborhood that have yet to be restored into usable business space.

So, I have come to the conclusion that if downtown KC has empty buildings and tenant spaces, then the complaints I have heard people make about the “Vine” in this same regard are less alarming and put in a more objective context for me.  

I used to think it was a pain in the butt getting anywhere downtown, but now that I have gotten used to going there most everyday, there is a logic and culture to driving and finding your way around efficiently.

I think most US cities, save someplace like New York City, have this vacancy issue in modern times. People live in suburbs or the country, and commute to the city.

Kansas City reminds me of European cities. You can walk around. Anyway, I think more people should go downtown though.  As you see by these photos, it is very cool.  

Peace, Cb

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www.BurnettPublishing.com | iPhone 4S photo by Chris Burnett