I admit to still enjoying listening to LP recordings, but I also enjoy listening to digital music on my iDevices as well. 

We still have our vintage Pioneer PL570 direct-drive turntable from the late 1970s. It was considered “top of the line” in its modest price range back then.

Our Pioneer PL570 is in “near mint condition” appearance-wise and was pampered in order to function brilliantly to original specs. 

(Specifications –

It is a true collectors item, if you are into that type of thing. So, I will be packing it back up soon and using the Clear Audio Concept turntable when it arrives. 

The mid-1990s era integrated JVC amplifier powers everything nicely enough for a home system needs, including enough to handle both, our JBL and Bose 6 ohm speaker sets. We have a cassette player and CD changer in our “old school” system as well. 

One thing I noticed with the newer digital amplifiers is that there is no connection for a turntable integrated within most of them – even higher end stuff. But, most do have WiFi capability that allows you to stream music from any digital music playing device (iPod, iPad, iMac, etc.) in your home; and, our vintage JVC has to use a cable line to connect any iDevices to play music via the Auxiliary port. 

We have finally unpacked our LP collection of 40+ years and are sad to say that some of the records didn’t make it mostly due to “mold” – yuck. 

However, many of our LPs did … listening to great pop, jazz and classical music on vinyl is still so cool. 

We can’t wait to share it with our grandchildren, who likely don’t even know what LPs are … 

Peace, Cb |