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MUSINGS IN Cb: “Being Famous 4 Being Infamous”

MUSINGS IN Cb: “Being Famous 4 Being Infamous”


I have been a professional musician all of my entire adult life.

Nice work if you can get it – I say too…

Thus, part of the inherent territory that goes with my “job” is a certain level of relative public notoriety or “fame” on some level associated with music.


“Being Famous 4 Being Infamous”

I used to be amused at observing really famous and infamous so-called celebrities during the course of their lives made public. Some of these managed the spin on all aspects of their lives – working projects or simply taking their kids to the zoo.

I used to be equally amused at those people obsessed with really famous and infamous so-called celebrities.  I am no longer amused.  I think it is a mental illness of some sort.  Or, such obsessions are simply something to keep someone going who might not otherwise have the will to go on.

I can only imagine what Michael Jackson’s family feels like when they search the web and find countless “fan” pages keeping the healing scab on the memory of their personal loss from ever fully forming.

Michael Jackson was likely the most noted public figure and musician of my generation and times.  He was and still is both, famous and infamous for many aspects of his life.  


Extremely positive.  Extremely negative.  

Balance. Yin. Yang.

Sometimes we are only one or the other – famous or infamous.  

But, sometimes we have to confront both sides of this coin, as our family has done recently.

We lost 5 people in our family in less than a 36-month period.

2 people to natural causes related to longevity and old age.

2 people to the effects and result of having contracted cancer.

1 person to suicide by hanging.


People still ask: “How have you managed to be so steady?

I could not understand how I have managed to remain in balance myself –  until just recently.

All of this is part of life.  It always has been and always will be.  I am just now at the generation in my family that does the “heavy lifting” in such matters.  

Others did this “heavy lifting” before me.  And, I am not alone.  I have a big family and all of us have been involved with lifting what we can during these times.


“Being Famous 4 Being Infamous”

I have also come to terms with the people who have made a Facebook tribute page to my youngest brother who committed suicide.  

Admittedly, I did not like someone doing this because it was invasive to me personally.  And, I did not like the way they idolized him on the page made his suicide seem like an okay thing to do.  It is not.

I do not love him any less.  I still miss him and always will.

I was one of the family members who found him and was exposed to the scene he methodically staged to emphasize his purposeful act of ending his own life.  This was not a heroic deed.  Sad. Pathetic. Tragic.

I simply have been able to come to terms that there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent him from committing suicide, in as much as we could have prevented the loss of the other 4 people in our family.


Proper perspectives. That’s the only calm in such storms.

Love each other always – it is the best we can do on this journey.

And, of course, remember that there is a difference …



Known about by many people.
renowned – celebrated – noted – well-known – famed

– – –



  1. Well known for some bad quality or deed.
  2. Wicked; abominable: “infamous misconduct”.
ignominious – disgraceful – disreputable – shameful

– – –

Peace, Cb