MUSINGS IN Cb: Digital Jazz Crusader …


MUSINGS IN Cb: Digital Jazz Crusader …

I had a really cool experience yesterday morning while at work at the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City.  

The day started as usual with social media marketing and other routine tasks, then we had our monthly Management Council meeting.  I had to leave the MC meeting for about 30 minutes to give a music clinic to a music class of 5th graders at one of the local Kansas City schools.  

I didn’t leave the American Jazz Museum campus to do so.  I went downstairs to the Blue Room, set up my Macbook Pro, logged in to Skype and the music teacher called me.  

I answered by connecting the video and the clinic was underway.  

I played my alto saxophone for them, lectured about jazz improvisation, demonstrated chord progression using the piano and fielded several very thoughtful questions from the students.  It was a very cool clinic.  


Jazz music and the American Jazz Museum have about 40 new fans.

I invited the class to come to the upcoming Jammin’ at the Gem performance series season finale concert, visit the Museums at 18th & Vine, and come listen to great jazz music in the Blue Room.  

I think their teacher and some of them will take me up on the offer.  

The entire clinic took 20 minutes and the walk back to my next meeting only took 45 seconds. That’s cool too.


I am going to offer this as an alternative to those who want me to give lectures or clinics in the future.  I have done private on-to-one lessons using Skype for quite a while, but never considered using Skype to give clinics to entire classes until asked to do so by this particular teacher.

Peace, Cb