MUSINGS IN Cb: “Sorry For The Self-Promotion, But …" 

Little wonder why the audience, for what is best described as progressive modern jazz, is "slight” when compared to the pop-oriented variety, when artist statements like – “Sorry for the self-promotion, but I have a gig coming up and would like you to attend” – are more common than not.  

Heaven forbid any serious jazz musician should advertise that they are playing somewhere or have a recording available.  In an age where doing such things to promote (or, inform others of) one’s art is literally free, there’s no excuse [not to do so].

Are these cats already wealthy enough to not be concerned with personal commerce issues or the tangible subsidizing of their own art?

Or, do those contemporary artists who purport to subscribe to this type of negative mentality about promoting themselves and their art, simply come from being groomed by a mentality from an era in music/entertainment that has not existed in reality for a half century or better?

I could (almost) understand if these artists were major stars/emerging artists signed to top management firms or staff musicians with the major studio networks.  But, most who come across this way are just creatives trying to make it on their respective scenes (or anyone’s scene for that matter).  

The “horses in a stable” mentality has always been limited to a select few stars.  Even back in the day.  The economy for most styles of music does not support having a full support staff to do all of the business work for the artist. Even if the artist contracts it out, the cost is usually prohibitive to sustain beyond small campaigns of no more than several weeks at a time. No serious artist can just do their art and be, even modestly, successful in this age.


There are billions of people on earth.  Several thousands of those people live in the same scene and would enjoy coming out to engage serious jazz as one of the things they do for enjoyment, enlightenment, amusement and even entertainment.  What’s wrong with engaging them?  Nothing in my view.

When did such idiotic thinking become so prevalent among so many otherwise extremely thoughtful and intelligent positive contributors to society? … smh 

Peace, Cb

– – –


[Photograph by Chad Cogdill – click through photo for his site.]