NEW BMI WORK: Defranzo Loop (The Return)

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UPDATE 3 – “Defranzo Loop (The Return)” – Orchestrating the composition for my 10-piece ensemble. This is the introduction and first theme that goes into the first improvisation segment for alto saxophone. The mock-up demo was created using the latest version of Finale notation software.

CHRISTOPHER BURNETT ENSEMBLE: One of the wonderful aspects of writing for CbE is the various sound textures and colours available as a composer and arranger. I’m always writing for all of my projects, but the muse seems to be leaning more toward the larger group as of late. I most always have ideas and concepts to explore compositionally and now I am actually able to make time to write something new each week. Sweet …


June 1980 enroute from Germany to the Army band at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland (Military District of Washington).

The new work is based upon something personal. When our family left the military band assignment in Ansbach, Germany many years ago, it was Terri, me and our four month old son. We went to the First US Army Headquarters Band when that was based within a subordinated garrison in the Military District of Washington at Fort Meade, Maryland. It was a great band assignment and our daughter was born at Walter Reed National Military┬áMedical Center a couple of years later. Our first apartment was in the city of Columbia, Maryland and my one-way commute was easily one hour, despite the fact we only lived a few miles away – Baltimore / DC traffic. We eventually moved to live in an apartment on Fort Meade, which was more convenient in many ways. The title of this composition is the name of the street on that base where we lived …


PROCESS: Bookmark this blog to follow my orchestration progress for the new BMI Work titled “Defranzo Loop (The Return)” – this is one of several new compositions for various projects. I’m also writing quintet music for the June 6 concert in Kansas City with Michael Jefry Stevens. I’ve always had a ‘day job’, including my 22 years with miitary bands. So, I have figured out a system to develop new work within the fabric and paradigms of my life that works for me personally. It’s based in time management. // Thanks for listening 🎷 Have a great day! Cb …

Christopher Burnett Ensemble brochure.



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