Villages (final version)

MIDI Mock-Up (Finale)

Composer’s Notes

Finished the jazz chart for Dr. Prost and his Leavenworth High School Jazz Band class.

Here’s the MIDI mock-up played through Finale.

It’s titled “Villages” and the arrangement is suited to the LHS group, but can be performed by groups looking for something in the Grade 3 range of difficulty.

Thanks to Dr. Jared Prost for helping me establish parameters for arranging and writing for student ensembles in terms of rhythmic figures, suggested ranges, etc.

And, it was cool to be able to bring the work in progress to school and have the students play segments.

We were also able to include almost everyone in the decision-making process regarding some aspects of the chart itself. I think the students had a good time and will enjoy playing this composition.

🎵 Cb