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REMIX AND REMASTER OF TRACK 02 “Whenever We Cry” – By Christopher Burnett, BMI, Engineered by Don Miller of Airborne Audio Productions.
– – –

The music on this album was first released independently during the last year of the Twentieth Century and at the very beginnings of the online and digital music distribution era. It has been downloaded and sold digitally via the Internet over 500,000 times and counting. This music has been released and sold in CD form to listeners in at least 38 countries.

There were certain aspects of the original mix and mastering that experience and time have allowed us to review. The result is a recording that sounds as it did when the artists were playing at the same time in the studio. The listener is now able to listen to the wonderful artistry of each of these musicians and enjoy the subtle sophistication of the compositions.

As mixing and mastering engineer, Don Miller stated, “The listener should not be aware of the work I did on this project, while listening to the recording. We were able to take the original ADAT tracks and capture the essence of what the artists created. This is great music and I can understand why it was remastered for a collectors edition release.”

~ Artists Recording Collective, 2013
www.ArtistsRecordingCollective.biz (released 13 April 2013)