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FLAC (lossless) and hi-res MP3 320 are available at CD Baby – not Amazon or iTunes. Watch this short video to learn more.

I recommend that you get your download of “Firebird” ($2.99) at CD Baby.

Yes, the cost is slightly more than the traditional $0.99 that you typically spend at most all of the other digital music retail stores.

The lossless quality of FLAC provides the original musical sound that was recorded and this difference is worth it – in my professional opinion.

Of course, if you decide to get it at Amazon or iTunes, that’s cool too.

And, I do sincerely appreciate your support in purchasing any of the available formats, at any of the stores we distribute our music to in context and am very glad that you enjoy my music enough to actually buy it.

The better lossless format of “Firebird” ($2.99) at CD Baby will simply let you hear exactly what we produced in the studio. And, that’s cool …

Peace, Cb