MUSINGS IN Cb: “Duty, Honor, Country (and Family)”

REUNION: Our daughter and her husband are First Lieutenants (soon Captains) serving on active duty with the United States Air Force.  They were both recently posted to serve for several years in England (In the words of our grand daughter: “I know, right?”).  They’ll all have a blast !!

Our grandchildren stayed with us for about two weeks prior to joining their parents over seas.  That was cool.  We won’t see them for a few years.

Top Photo: At their new home in England colouring books on the floor.

Middle Photos (L-R): 1. St. Louis Airport Hilton hotel room and reunited with our daughter.  Their port of call to England was St. Louis. 2. The next photo shows our youngest grandson taking his suit case upstairs to his room upon arriving at their new home in England.

Bottom Photos (L-R):  1. Our daughter’s family is reunited. 2. Unicorn drawn by one of our grandchildren and posted to our refrigerator. 

*PHOTO CREDITS: And, all the great photos (except the one of the unicorn) are by our daughter, who is an amazing photographer too.

Peace, Cb |