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We recorded a beautiful piece of music titled, “A Risk I Take” by French horn virtuoso, composer and ARC colleague, Mark Taylor. This is one of the singles from the forthcoming new album, “Firebird”; and, will be released worldwide by the ARC label to all of the major retailers on my birthday, November 2nd – WOO HOO! See credits below for complete project information … Cb
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1. CbQ Personnel (score order):
Christopher Burnett – alto saxophone, clarinet, flute | compositions and arrangements
Roger Wilder – piano, keyboard, rhodes
Jeff Harshbarger – bass
Clarence Smith – drums, percussion

2. CbQ Guest Artists (alphabetical order):
Terri Anderson Burnett – alto flute, flute, piccolo
Greg Carroll – vibraphone
Jason Goudeau – trombone
Stanton Kessler – trumpet, flugelhorn
Erica Lindsay – tenor saxophone
Bill McKemy – tuba
Freda Proctor – alto flute, flute, piccolo

3. CbQ Technical Credits:
Producers – Terri & Christopher Burnett for BurnettMusic.COM
Label – Artists Recording Collective (ARC)
Liner Notes – David R. Adler, New York
Recording Studio – C.R. Sound, Kansas City
Audio Engineer – Craig Rettmer (recording, mixing, mastering)
Technical Production Consultant – Stanton Kessler (recording sessions)
Session Videography – Willie Meyers Thornton, JBT & Associates LLC
Retail CD/DVD Product Manufacturing – Disc Makers
PROMO VIDEO FOOTAGE courtesy of Ryan.Christopher.Films and used with written permission.

P.S. – the photographs of the “Secret Agent” I use in this series of promo videos are from a group of really cool photographs that I stumbled across online – completely by accident.

I thought they were so cool that I wrote to the owners and asked to use them for promoting my music, liner notes to the remastered edition of “Time Flies”, etc. The owner of the company wrote back personally and said he was honored that I liked them so much, then told me to use the photos however I wished. That was cool.

So, the “Secret Agent” in all of my promo videos for this album has context to many of you now … Cb