Musings In Cb: Written Review of the Silverstein Ligature 

My initial impression of the Silverstein Ligature was very positive and got better the more I played using it. 

My Equipment: I play a Selmer (Paris) Series III Alto Saxophone, Series III Alto Gold Brass Neck, and a Ted Klum custom mouthpiece. The saxophone ligatures I have been working with consistently over the past few years include the Francois Louis – Ultimate (Silver), the Francois Louis – Pure Brass, and most recently the Rico H Ligature – Gold.

General Comments: The Silverstein Ligature helped stabilize the relationship between mouthpiece and reed combination which resulted in a noticeable ease and fluidity of tone quality throughout the various registers.

Effects on Intonation: The Silverstein Ligature provided a subtle, yet noticeable, balancing of prominent overtones inherently produced by each note between each tone throughout the scale. Resulting in a more refined tuning being achieved between notes and registers of the instrument.

Conclusion: If the reed does not sit (AND STAY IN PLACE) properly on the mouthpiece, playing consistently is laborious and difficult. Therefore, the primary job of the ligature is to let the mouthpiece and reed combination produce the most musical sound possible without taking away any of those basic properties. The Silverstein Ligature does this.

I am looking forward to making music with it for a long time. Look for a video review in a few months too.

Peace, Cb 
– – –
Christopher Burnett |