MUSINGS IN Cb: “Once You Finally Understand …”

A wise mentor in this music once told me that “once you understand, you will be essentially playing the same song for the rest of your life.”

Of course, I didn’t begin to get the full implications of this statement until many years later.  That man is no longer on this plane of existence, but his statement remains contemporary and artistically valid.

When I finally figured out certain things about cycles in music, an applicable improvisational vocabulary, and the technical manipulations of the alto saxophone as a musical instrument – my own voice began to emerge.  That fact makes me “happy”.

I know the quest is eternal and I will never get to the end, but to be on the musical path with my own artistic voice as a composer and improviser is: very exciting + positive motivation.

When I listen to work by all of my favorite artists over the course of a couple of decades, the words of my mentor also ring true.  

Once they finally understood, their individual voice is heard distinctly no matter the composition or context.  Go check it out … youtube, etc.

It seems that by the time the mainstream “discovers” an artist (if they do at all), that artist has had their own voice for a couple of decades – at the least.  The artist may be “new” to the listener, but the artist is not “new”…

It is rare when a person in this serious music that I have dedicated my professional life to is discovered immediately when they first finally understand …  

So, stay on the path, it isn’t about that anyway.

Peace, Cb