my webmaster 2.0 work …

The newly updated website … view the full version on a computer too, it’s got some cool features using some dynamic content …

Just finished the upgrade of the website for Kansas City Jazz ALIVE.

The site is designed to present the catalyst organization in context with its mission, while also being very user friendly.


Significant changes of note include the clean design and integration of founder interactivity with the site without need of programming knowledge. Founders are able to write Blog posts that provide ongoing updates and information to the community.

There are two versions of the site when viewed by computer and mobile devices.

The computer (full) version features a very cool front page with dynamic content.


Scroll down the page and elements fly in to populate the various sections – a cool “bell and whistle”.

– – –

– – –

– – –

– – –


The mobile version is to the point – starts with Blog posts then takes you to page menu links.

A great feature of the site is the [ EVENTS ] page that includes a Kansas City-wide jazz calendar of events powered by … check it out!