Well, we finally parted with our 1999 Mercury Tracer! It had 166,867 miles on it and was a good chariot. T was reluctant about parting with it until she drove this Mustang. The first car that T owned was a Mustang.

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[The Blue Streak …]

The summer of 1977 found me eagerly engaged in my new assignment with the Army band posted at Ansbach, Germany.  I began administrative in-processing and getting outfitted with instruments and equipment upon arriving in country that summer after graduating from the Intermediate Course at the Armed Forces School of Music in Virginia.

One particular morning, I was scheduled for one of the last in-processing appointments just before noon.  It just so happened that the band was also holding a full wind ensemble rehearsal prior to my appointment. I had the option of sitting in and did so.  It was fun.  When the rehearsal was over, I packed up my instrument and prepared to go to my appointment.  I didn’t own a car.  But, there was a shuttle bus system available to take military personnel between the network of Military Kasernes (small bases) that made up our parent command. So, I went to the bus stop to catch the shuttle.


[Photo – Ansbach stadt mitte]

While waiting at the shuttle stop, one of the flute players from the band drove up in a 1971 blue Mustang, recognized me and asked if I wanted a ride.  I recognized her, thanked her and said yes please. Her name was Terri, and neither of us knew at that time we’d be married a few years later.

I had to go to another Kaserne called Katterbach to complete this particular aspect of processing.  She said she knew the way and was familiar with the place I had to go.  I got in and off we went.  

And, boy did we go… fast, I mean…


[Photo – Katterbach city limits sign]

German highways had very liberal speed limits

Needless to say, I was not used to that type of driving.  And, I was made especially uneasy considering the fact that we were literally running a giant slalom roadway course in that particular Mustang she was driving. Cars were typically handed down and sold from soldier to soldier among military personnel.  This Mustang had been through several owners and several body repairs – to the extent that it was several different colors of blue.

We arrived safely, despite my lack of faith that we would. And, upon thanking Terri for the ride, as I got out of the car, I also blatantly asked if she had a death wish. I based this upon my opinion of her driving. Terri simply grinned, then gave me a puzzled look and went on her way.


[Photo – “Us on the bus” and going somewhere to perform a concert]

When I saw Terri at rehearsal the next day, we laughed about it together with some of the other musicians.  I dubbed her car the “Blue Streak”.  

Ford Mustang celebrated its 45th year in 2009.  

Terri Anderson Burnett and I celebrated our 30th year of marriage in 2009.